Every day, we meet customers who wish to upgrade their kitchen design but are stuck on what it should look like. The prospect of tearing out the old kitchen and installing a new one fills people with dread, but the end result is well worth it.

At the Four Square Interiors, we love seeing how satisfied our customers are with their new, stylish kitchen.

If you are considering remodelling your kitchen, we have compiled a list of four kitchen plan ideas that you will absolutely adore in your home. Or if you are just thinking about getting a new kitchen, it will hopefully give you a better insight.

Zone Design

Zone design kitchens are quite common, and they are near the top of the list of kitchen layout ideas.

It basically divides the kitchen into different zones so that nothing overlaps or comes in the way of anything. For example, there is a cleaning zone (the sink), a cooking zone (oven and stove), and a dining zone (kitchen table to breakfast bar). With some great looking replacement kitchen doorways, you can also create a fluid feel to the kitchen so it doesn’t give off an impression to be split into various sections and disjointed.

With this kitchen design you can compartmentalize every kitchen task to create a cluster free and clean environment. It is best used for large kitchens as it requires some space so it will probably not work with a galley kitchen design.

Gallery Kitchen Layout

This is ideally made for smaller kitchens. A gallery kitchen design consists of two straight runs down the room and it looks more like a corridor than an open spaced kitchen. There is no space for eating because of space constraints so it contrasts from the zone design in this regard but for apartments and small houses it is an incredible way to design a kitchen.

You generally have the oven and cabinets on one side of the ‘corridor’ and the sink and cooker on the other with worktop space above and overhead. If you have a small kitchen and feel that it is too open plan, then this plan can make it more useful.

U Shaped Kitchen

This is the perfect design if you need interaction when cooking in the kitchen.

It is depicted by an island in the centre of the room, with everything else surrounding it in a U form. It provides plenty of space in the room and a seating area for a quick meal on the central island but maintains that open layout. It has a lot of storage space with kitchen cabinets and plenty of room to walk around in, so if you have a few people preparing a meal at the same time and others simply sitting around, it is an excellent method to ensure that everyone has sufficient space.

It requires a bigger kitchen to work effectively but if you have the space, then a U-shaped kitchen is surely one of our recommended kitchen layout ideas.

L Shaped Kitchen

Lastly we have the L model kitchen. If you want some privacy when cooking in the kitchen then this is a great choice. The worktops are essentially designed in a L shape with counter tops at two perpendicular walls.

It is a great way to include some space in smaller rooms because the practical aspects of the kitchen are bound to the L shape creating two worktops that join with one being the cooking space (oven, hob and so on… ) and the other being the cleaning space (sink).

It is a really adaptable design where you can incorporate it into a bigger kitchen as well as a small space. That being said, putting a kitchen island or even dining table into the centre of the room can work with reducing space and keeping away from a sparse look.

Stuck For Kitchen Layout Ideas?

We have listed you only 4 kitchen layout ideas that work really well with most homes.

The thing about picking another kitchen design is that it can be very daunting, regardless of whether you have a specific design when it comes to practicalities.

This is the reason why we generally suggest that you look for expert advice from the Four-Square team with regards to creating a new kitchen design. We have a lot of experience working with customers to help them get the kitchen they desire, and we provide all of the required information and furnishings to make that happen.