We love a kitchen countertop. However, when it comes to selecting one it may require considerations beyond appearance. There are a lot of factors to consider. The solution to “What’s the best kitchen design material?” really comes down to whichever one best fits for your household, kitchen-use and design style choices.

Comparing Kitchen Countertop

Quartz, granite and Corian surfaces can be a range of countertop shapes and sizes to accommodate any kitchen space. Regarding functionality and style, each one offers different benefits including appearance, durability, support and overall value.

Kitchen Countertop Appearance

Seamless look: Corian is a strong surface, made using an advanced blend of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer, it wins the award for seamless countertop design since it can be installed with no visible seams.

Natural beauty: Granite is the top competitor for style regarding organic colour and trend. Naturally occurring stone, minerals subside into each beautiful one of a kind slab of granite, so every countertop is a unique work of art.

Rich color options: Each one of the three countertop material options offer a variety of colour. If you prefer more vibrant hues, Corian and quartz are incredible options since they are both fabricated using man-made pigments and recycled materials.

Kitchen Countertop Durability and Maintenance

How sturdy will your countertop need to be to keep up with your lifestyle? How much time do you have for maintenance of your countertop? These are important questions that will certainly impact your selection. Quartz is a clear front leader, since it is virtually indestructible and requires no fixing or special cleaning. Both quartz and Corian are non-porous, stain-resistant and very sanitary. Quartz is also tough, but can still be susceptible to cracking, fissures and staining. Also, granite requires basic, but standard, sealing to maintain.

Sustainable Kitchen Countertop Design

If using eco-friendly materials in your home is essential to you, here’s how countertop materials compare:

Quartz counter tops are super sturdy. They contain one of earth’s most productive minerals, as well as pre-and post-consumer recycled content. They last essentially forever, which is the reason they come with a lifetime warranty!

Corian is not only strong, but repairable as well. Since they are man-made, they don’t need the level of mining to create them. They also are easy to maintain compared to a lot of other materials.

Granite is a natural product and must be carefully mined and shipped to avoid damage, which makes granite the lowest tier option as far as maintainability.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Countertops

The cost of materials will fluctuate greatly depending on factors like the size of your kitchen, an island, finish and thickness you choose. Installing a backsplash can factor in as well.

Pricing of the countertop surfaces has changed over years. In terms of overall the cost in the present market, here is how these materials compare:

Quartz is generally the more costly

Corian can range. The styles that perfectly emulate stone surfaces can be as costly, or even more costly, than granite

Granite will in general be the most economical material of the three, except for standard, solid colour Corian.

Remember, these three countertop surfaces are not your only options. A significant number of our customers love the new laminate countertop.

Fortunately, the range of options available means that the ideal countertop for your lifestyle and your budget is out there!