Design Consultation

Four Square Interiors supports you at all times throughout the end-to-end process and are willing to present any suggestions or answers to all and any of your requirements.

We wish to help you make the correct decisions. That is why our showroom is open for you to visit and look at the range of our materials and designs. You may wish to discuss any upcoming projects you have with our specialised team.

We also have a telephone number or email which you may contact us through to talk to us, if you’re unable to visit anytime soon.

At the beginning of the design process, we carry out a detailed set of requirements with you to find out what you would want in your new kitchen; what design you like; which material you prefer; or any specific colour or details you would like to include. We carry out this conversation to get the greatest start to your project and reduce the designing and redesigning process so that we are able to send the custom designs to our most delicate and precise craftsmen to make your ideal kitchen as soon as possible, so that you do not have to wait a lifetime for it to be ready.

Visualization in 3D

This is a complex process with many steps. All our work involves high attention to detail in every aspect of the design to make a perfect visual, to allow you to see your future kitchen in all its glory. We use market-leading technology and software to ensure this is possible.

Design Steps:

  • Dimensions & Initial Floor Plan
  • Kitchen Features & Materials selection; Cabinets, Appliances, Sinks, Islands, Worktops, Splashbacks
  • Final 3D model & Floor plan sent to our experienced British craftsmen who will craft the bespoke units, which will be installed at a later date.
  • 3D Model Finishing Touches
  • Adjustments; our kitchen design team are able to change anything to your satisfaction, no matter what the request is.