Scavolini Kitchens

Four Square Interiors collaborates closely with Scavolini, an internationally recognised Italian brand that has been manufacturing kitchens for over 60 years.
Known for their quality and longevity, the Scavolini line allows you to opt between classic and modern styles with many materials and colours available to choose from.

Scavolini Basic

The Scavolini Basic line is defined by its excellent quality, simple modularity, multifaceted design, and low prices. Beautiful, high-quality kitchens that are also reasonably priced, adding to the company’s already vast product line.

Scavolini Easy

Scavolini created and manufactured a series of kitchens for the enjoyment of a product with a finely tuned quality-to-price ratio, rethought in terms of materials and technical solutions employed. This idea was adopted without sacrificing the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Scavolini’s classic kitchens

Scavolini’s classic kitchens have an attractive aesthetic that offers your house an authentic style, as well as the guarantee of a product created making the most of the innovative production technology. Tasteful decorations and original detailing provide a refined simplicity in the place where your family comes together.

Scavolini’s modern kitchens

Scavolini solutions for modern kitchens offer exquisite design atmospheres down to the tiniest detail. Models with distinctive yet simple silhouettes or a distinctly trendy design that combines functionality with sociability to create kitchens that can be enjoyed every day.