Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens can consist of clean lines, wide spaces, frameless, slab-fronted cabinets, and handleless appearances. The streamlined and minimalist design can all be made possible with the incorporation of clever integrated storage solutions allowing you to create your perfect modern kitchen whilst keeping it highly functional.

The colour schemes and finishes are entirely up to you. From easy clean slick high-gloss to more subtle matt effects, you’ll be able to personalize your kitchen by exploring all the different styles, themes and tones. We offer high-quality cabinetry in a contemporary style, at a competitive price.
We will work with you throughout the design process to ensure that you achieve your desired modern aesthetic while also making the most of modern technology available through integrated appliances and innovative storage solutions. We can offer a bespoke range based on any visual or design ideas you have for your modern kitchen, or you can choose from our standard/off-the-shelf variety of modern doors and finishes to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Most commonly, black appliances are used in such colour schemes to contrast the white surroundings, making the kitchen look minimalist and clean-cut yet highly functional with deceptive storage solutions.

Darker colours are used in contemporary designs. For example, matt grey cabinets with a dark wood countertop are paired with white utensils and lighter appliances.