Have you ever seen grand designs? There are a lot of chances to see extensions and quickly draw inspiration. You will wonder if you could achieve a kitchen extension and how it may look… Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Extensions are marvellous and jaw dropping when the final product is unveiled. We don’t blame for having interest in this type of home improvement project and, if you have the capabilities (and budget!), an extension is something we can’t suggest enough.

However, is your home ready to embrace the space, or would you say youre set with the room you need to work with forever? here at Four Square Interiors have a few points whether an extension is necessary for your home…

What is kitchen extension?

An extension is just increasing the space of a part of your home in order to provide more space. This could include adding more storage, additional standing or seating area for interacting, or incorporating that kitchen island you’ve always wanted.

Extensions can help breathe new life into a home that you believed had reached its full potential, and they are an excellent way to keep up with the times or even accommodate a growing family! Although they might be a lengthy and demanding procedure at times, they are well worth considering.

Locking in space?

If you have a limited amount of room inside your home but feel like you have a little too much outside, an extension could be a fantastic solution. Is your driveway a little bigger than it needs to be? Or do you have a garage that you rarely use and that may be better utilised as an addition of your home?

An extension is a wonderful way to make the most of the space you have all whilst adding value to your property.

Does an architect approve?

Because of the scope of the project, it is generally advisable to consult an architect to ensure that your plans are strategically feasible. A specialist can help you through the process using their experience and expertise, so you can be confident that your plans have been approved as a result of these discussions!