In the last two years, most businesses have had to suddenly adopt a home office policy. Many of us are striving to find the ideal space in our properties as employees are encouraged to work from home.


When the initial lockdown occurred, people were obliged to stay at home and locate a space for their laptops in their bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms. As remote working became more common, the myth that a home office must be in a separate room began to disappear.


Here are some quick ways to improve your work-from-home set up.


Space to reset.


It’s essential to take timeout, especially when you don’t have the normal break-up of the day like grabbing a coffee and the human interaction on you break in the staffroom. Recent design changes completely reflect this. If the space allows it, many people opt for a separate seating space other than at their desk. People want to be able to get away from their desk/desk chair and sit on a more comfortable chair or sofa to break up the day and provide a space to reset before your next zoom conversation.


Custom design.

It’s not just about having a functional workspace; home office users often want something individual.

There has been a noticeable trend toward eye-catching colours, such as blues, greens or even rose gold, as people bring their individuality into their workspace.

It’s a chance to create your workspace how you want instead of the typical business environment your used to. Why not go for more of a bespoke look where your office can be completely unique.


Accessible and versatile.


How is it possible to guarantee that everything someone requires to complete a long day’s work is available and easily accessible but not invasive? It all comes down to using technology in a way that seems natural and does not detract from your decor style. In this manner, you can effortlessly transition the space by concealing all work-related objects. Integrated laptop drawers, outlet covers, and office chairs that double as accent chairs are examples of features that can easily transform an office into a library or leisure space on evenings and weekends.


Only time will tell how much these attitudes alter, but at the moment, we’re intrigued by how working outside of an office can change how we see our living environment.