Worktops And Splashbacks

We have a wide variety of handles, ranging from modern handles to the common traditional handles, so you can bring elegant and sleek finishes into your home. Select from a wide range of materials, including brass, stainless steel, and a whole variety of materials and finishes. Or choose to go for the handless option, giving your doors a more contemporary and sleek finish.


Complete and complement your kitchen by selecting from our wide range of kitchen worktops that we offer, to house your hob, sink & taps. With our product variety and expertise, we allow you to mix and match different surfaces to fulfill your dream kitchen, while also providing a durable and easy to maintain worktop for food preparation. You can choose from a selection of width and lengths and thicknesses to achieve your desired look. For instance, having a marble worktop that has food-safe wood integrated for general food preparation, or if you are worried about food stains on the worktop, choosing man-made material would be a better choice.

Splash Backs

Incorporating a splash back to your kitchen will not only enhance your kitchen design but with the added benefit of protecting your walls from accidental food stains while cooking due to the heat resistant and smooth surface, ensuring that your kitchen always looks clean and tidy. We offer splash backs that range from modern to rustic, with the addition of a variety of shade, colours and materials that will coordinate with the rest of the interior of the kitchen. For a more modern look you may want a stainless steel splash back, for which with the use of magnets you can put your recipes on, or if you prefer a more rustic look you may want mosaic tiles or a blend of the two.


We offer an endless choice of material and designs to suit your budget, from premium natural stones such as Marble and Granite for your worktop and splash back and incorporating man-made materials such as Glass, Quartz, Porcelain, Ceramic and metal that will add character as well as enhancing your kitchen design. Each material has its own unique features and finish, for example, the natural variation of the colours and patterning of natural stones may be right for you, or if you prefer single colour with a gloss or Matt finish than the man-made stones may be right for you. We offer specialised material such as DEKTON©, SILESTONE©, and SENSA© all supplied by CONSENTINO©, which offers unique features that eliminate some of the issues with certain untreated materials.


At Four Square Interiors, we believe that the synergy of attention to detail and our experience is key to achieving your dream kitchen. All our products are bespoke ensuring that what you want is what you receive. To fulfil your dream kitchens, we use the most advanced detailing machinery and in the hands of our highly skilled technicians we ensure that your surfaces are cut to measure and detailed to perfection. We also have specialised craftsmen that are able to cut, detail and install all types of materials we offer.