Islands are fast becoming an essential part of a kitchen. Using the space to create a great focal point not only for your kitchen but for your entire home. It’s a multifunctional space that can be installed with ergonomic storage compartments, which is practical for your everyday use. This could be for cooking and preparing food, or even as an informal dining area to entertain family and loved ones.

Kitchen islands offer an additional larger work surface, which is accessible from all sides, and we offer a truly bespoke service allowing you to mix and match the types of storage you want. With the addition of our durable worktops and our experienced technicians, we will ensure that it will be installed to your satisfaction and more.

Function and practicality: Practical space is required in your kitchen or open living space, but with smarter ways of designing kitchens, you will be surprised at what functions may suit your home. An island that acts as a great food prep, allowing you to position a sink or hob, or perhaps just using it as a point of socialising and seating area for when friends and family come over. The island also functions as a transitioning point from the kitchen to the living area, so that you are still able to entertain and be entertained by your guests while cooking. Furthermore, the addition of ergonomic storage compartments can take your kitchen to the next level, ensuring that you are able to store your ingredients efficiently.

Each island is designed to enhance the style of the rest of the kitchen. Create consistency using colours, wood veneers and stone worktops as the main units, or add contrast with harmonising colours that add character chosen from our unique palettes. With a wide range of materials, styles and appliances to mix and match, your perfect kitchen is within reach here at Four Square Interiors.
Design and Build –Working closely with you and understanding the space you have; Four Square Interiors will be able to create your centrepiece. Using our knowledge and recommending its size for practicality, it will be positioned to fit the room beautifully, also making movability around your island more comfortable.