At Four Square will help you to discover which styles and designs best suit your kitchen, budget, practicality and assist you in selecting the greatest and most practical functionalities for your kitchen. Our experts will be happy to assist you in selecting the most useful smart appliance for you. Whether it’s using voice commands to start your coffee machine in the morning or incorporating a heated drawer into your oven to help keep your food warm.


Using SIEMENS appliances in your kitchen makes your time an enjoyable experience. We chose to cooperate with SIEMENS because we are confident that our customers will benefit from the smart and stylish SIEMENS products.
SIEMENS technologies will transform your cooking, bringing the future to your home in ways you never imagined. Our extensive collection of SIEMENS refrigerators provides you with a number of alternatives for your home, including built-in and free-standing models. Consider adding modern technology to your fridge, such as built-in cameras, to allow you to check for shopping requirements without leaving your house. Four Square interiors offers a multitude of alternatives, ranging from ice making refrigerators to integrated coffee machines.


Our experts will help you select the perfect NEFF hob for your kitchen. With years of experience and research NEFF have created advanced appliances for your comfort in your kitchen.
Their unique solutions include the Twist pad, which gives you the ability to manage your cooking with this sensory hood that illuminates in response to your touch. They also created the slide and hide disappearing oven door, which eliminates bending and brings you closer to the cooking. By incorporating smart technology into its appliances, NEFF has enabled you to connect your kitchen to everywhere in the home, or why not take it a step further and buy a smart refrigerator. Designed to allow you to pre-set your refrigerator and have it order any groceries that are running short. Alternatively, you could choose to preheat your smart oven while away from home.


All of our Bosch appliances are available for you to choose from. Built-in ovens and microwaves, as well as compact ovens designed to fit perfectly into the smallest of kitchens, are all available.
With much research and development, BOSCH has created the domino hob. A bespoke hob that allows you to mix and match with a huge range to choose from. Additionally, BOSCH has designed hobs with built-in ventilation modules.
Our BOSCH appliance collection can provide you with a beautiful free-standing fridge in a variety of colours, ranging from monotone black to a wide range of colours to be the focal point of your kitchen. Alternatively, for superior capacity and convenience, choose the American-style fridge and freezer. American-style refrigerators and freezers are ideal for those of you who will require extra space.