Thinking about how to add the finishing touches and how to complete your kitchen? At Four Square Interiors, everything is under one roof. We understand the complete kitchen is not only about selecting and installing doors and cabinets, but it consists of a lot more. These final touches can take your kitchen into another realm of personal comfort and visual satisfaction. Whether it be installing an island to create additional cooking space or having the latest technology in appliances, why not browse all our possible options?

Appliances – Bring your kitchen to life with the latest available equipment and technology that suits your budget. Working closely with major reputable brands such as Siemens, Neff, Bosch, Caple as well as others, you will be sure to find a range that will cater to your personalised needs.  You can select from freestanding to built-in cooking appliances including gas or electric hobs. Our wide range of refrigeration appliances allows you to select what fits your kitchen whilst being energy efficient. Other appliance options include your washing and laundry needs, and this can range from washing machines to slim-line dishwashers and ice-making freezers.

Worktops/Splashbacks – Complete and offset your kitchen by selecting from a wide range of worktops and splashbacks that are available, used to house your hob, sink & taps, and provide you with a flat surface for preparation which is durable and easy to maintain. With our expertise, you will select a surface to finish your dream kitchen.

Sinks and taps – We offer sinks in several materials, shapes and sizes. We understand your tap is used regularly and therefore provide you with the most durable and robust options. Select from various brands to suit your practicality, such as standard taps to pull out spray taps or incorporate a 3in1/4in1 option which allows you to have instant boiling water and filtered water.

Handles & Hinges – Select from a wide range of handles & hinges to suit your kitchen style, from modern to slightly more traditional bar handles, D handles, knobs and decorative handles. Or choose to go for the handless option, giving your doors a more contemporary and sleek finish. Complete the look by selecting our standard soft closure and even hinges with different opening angles. We will install the most convenient and well-designed mechanisms into your kitchen.

Islands – Create a great focal point for your home, not just your kitchen. Our islands are multifunctional space that can be installed with ergonomic storage compartments, which is practical for your everyday use, and finished to a high quality.

Tiles- At Four Square Interiors will be able to help you choose from an extensive range of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles fit for your home.

Accessories –Design the inside of your wardrobe simply with accessories such as trouser hangers, shoe racks, mirrors, hangers and hanging bars. Wardrobe accessories to make everyday living simpler with tailored ideas that work hard to keep every tailored space inside the wardrobe neat and tidy. Based on the options we provide, we fit your budget with the best finishing touches.

Wooden Flooring – You’ll be assisted with choosing the best floor for your needs, whether you want to renovate a single room or build your ideal home from the ground up. Working closely with V4 floors, we can provide you flooring that is built to the highest quality standards and come in a wide range of forms and customised treatments.