A cleverly fitted bedroom may transform your space, making it more orderly, clutter-free, and maximising your comfort. Four square Interiors’ elegant bedroom designs all help to ensure you have creative storage options to keep your area appearing hassle free.

Our design staff will show you all of the materials, colours, styles, and finishes available to give you a sense of what will work best in your space. You will be given a room visual with a clear picture to assist you in selecting the best internal storage alternatives. We work with your budget to bring you the greatest quality materials and styles possible in order to bring your bespoke design to life.

Four Square Interiors designs and manufactures

tailored fitted wardrobes in a range of eye- catching styles for bedrooms of all profiles. You will be able to utilise every centimetre of your space, making the ultimate bedroom storage solutions customised to your needs and providing you with the least amount of wasted space but the most storage.

Whatever type of design or size of wardrobes you are looking for, our specialist team are here for Fitted Wardrobes, Fitted Sliding Wardrobes, Walk-In Wardrobes and Loft Wardrobes. Unlike freestanding wardrobes our fitted range maximises every millimetre of the surrounding space making it the perfect solution. 

Similarly, we provide additional bespoke furniture for your bedroom. Why not explore our range of bed units, dressers, and other storage components to create a uniformed look and design throughout your bedroom.